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Vote for my remix!

2016-02-04 14:42:56 by TimerClock14

I'm doing a remix of Skylar Spence's I Can't Be Your Superman. Go vote for my remix here:

New name again

2015-07-13 20:24:48 by TimerClock14

I am Mastin Music now. You can search me up on soundcloud and follow me there. :D

My new artist name is The Experimenter, I've changed my SoundCloud username and everything, NG is too hard to do that with, so I'm keeping the username the same, but realeasing new songs under "The Experimenter" instead of "Clock".

Clock Day

2012-08-16 03:46:41 by TimerClock14

'nuff said.


2012-07-17 18:06:09 by TimerClock14

So yeah, I don't actually upload much of anything on NG. I'm more active on my soundcloud, so check me out there if you want more stuff.



2012-06-03 13:57:57 by TimerClock14


Go like my facebook page. NOW

2012-04-23 16:43:34 by TimerClock14
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2012-03-25 16:42:12 by TimerClock14


First off, read this article: sps-to-launch-massive-copyright-spying-scheme-on -july-12/

If you can't be bothered to read it, here's the tl;dr version:

On July 12, 2012 American Internet Service Providers (ISP) are going to launch a massive spying program and observe users who download POTENTIALLY copyrighted material. If that song you just downloaded from Beatport has some weird copyrights behind it, you could be fined $150,000 and have your bandwidth cut to almost zero until you pay and/or take an "educational course" on why downloading copyrighted material is illegal.

You can fight this! Sign this petition to help keep the internet safe for low income Americans!

Petition: ama-administration-stop-isps-from-launching-a-ma ssive-copyright-spying-scheme-this-july-12th#


2012-03-06 19:41:41 by TimerClock14

Hey guys! So my friends and I started up a Let's Play channel on youtube a while back, and since I've improved enough in my music they have put me in charge of sounds.

Regardless of that it's still tons of fun and you all should totally watch the videos and subscribe (it's free!). So...yeah...